About Us

Look, we've been doing this a long time

We actually got into the PS3 repair business by accident in 2007. We thought it would be a good idea to offer PS3 Hard Drive Upgrades as a service offered by our Laptop Repair Business. Then we started to get phone calls from people that wanted to know if we can fix PS3s. At first we kept saying that we did hard drive upgrades only, but eventually decided to learn more. We began to contact people with experience in fixing PS3 game consoles and eventually found one person that was really good at it. We started to fix PS3 consoles and customers were really happy to have a local provider that could fix their PS3 and make sure that they did not lose their game saves or pictures or music.

Over the years we have repeatedly improved our repair process and strive to be the best PS3 repair business there is. We can't fix every PlayStation - there is nobody who can - but we are your best bet at getting your PlayStation fixed for a price that makes sense compared to buying a new one.

We truly believe that we are in the very highest echelon of PlayStation Repair Businesses out there. We do repairs quickly, we charge resonable prices that are less than most other locations, and we back up all of our repairs with a warranty that is in writing and can be found on our website.

Our Stats
Professional - 100%
Friendly - 100%
Hard Working - 85.714%
Reasonable - 85%
Good at Street Fighter - 65%


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